With Anahata Yoga Salzburg I have made the best choice for a Yoga Teacher Training. I go home with so much more experience which I can now pass on to my own students: be it pranayama, asanas, therapeutic and restorative Yoga practices or anatomy/physiology. Through this Yoga Teacher Training with Peter Clifford I´ve managed to significantly expand my knowledge and improve my Yoga practice. Many thanks for this wonderful experience! – Martin H. (Yoga teacher)


If it hadn´t been for this Yoga Teacher Training, I would not be that far with my Yoga practice and teaching methods. Peter Clifford was able to transfer his knowledge so that everyone could follow and grow. Let alone that the mind-blowing nature of Salzburg helped to get me into the right tranquil mood for Yoga. – Bettina B. (occupational therapiest/Ergotherapeutin)


Anahata Yoga led me the way to who I truly am. It´s not about clone yoga but about finding your individual potential. – Marion S. (purchaser in fashion industry)


I am a 36 year old psychologist who has had a lot of experience with Yoga and several different spiritual paths, and I found the YTT absolutely satisfying and truly wonderful. There was a good blend of experiential learning, asana and pranayama practice, yoga philosophy and the bridging of new science with the wisdom of the yogic path. Peter Clifford is a true teacher, teaching from his heart. I highly recommend this YTT for people who want to understand the essence of Yoga and apply it to their own life! – Lena Sofie H. (psychologist)


After four weeks of sharing a space, an incredible place, knowledge, love and compassion I can definitely say that I learned a bunch of things about msyself, about others and about our collective passion for Yoga. This course is a great opportunity to practise and learn Anahata Yoga. I can´t wait to share this beautiful knowledge with others. – Eva R. (hotel manager)


It´s been a most wonderful time to enjoy the power of 5-elements Yoga in this most spectacular place. Peter teaches straight from the heart, which has been a real mending experience in my life that is already shaped by long-winded healing processes. Peter is a master to practice patience and mindfulness and to truly act from the heart. – Samura D. (yoga teacher & therapist)


Many thanks for making Anahata Yoga Salzburg 2012 happen – my chakras are still singing! It´s been a most wonderful Yoga experience. Not only was the teacher Peter Clifford absolutely top-notch but also the community and the organisation. – Tamar M. (photographer)

Peter was an amazing teacher who has a real in-depth knowledge of everything. I mostly enjoyed him teaching pranayama which lead into meditative state very quickly which I used to find hard to do before. He was particularly passionate about teaching and I always looked forward to this session first thing in the morning! – Cynthia C.

It was such a sunny, funny, heart-opening month! – Chris B. (physiotherapist)

This has been the most enjoyable and educational Yoga workshop I´ve ever attended. Peter Clifford and his teaching method has really warmed me for incorporating Yoga into my everyday life. He managed to explain all aspects of Yoga in a way so that everybody can access and pick them up easily. Now after this workshop, I´m most certainly joining the Yoga Teacher Training in Salzburg in 2013. – Herb F.
(key account cultural management)

A most wonderful workshop, even after 10 years of Yoga experience. Kudos goes out to the organisers for perfectly selecting the location and for organising the workshop in every detail. The teacher Peter Clifford is brilliant and the positive vibes are still in me! – Antoaneta Z.

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